Welcome to our special page. This page will explain our top 3 relaxing Day Spa Union City massage specialties, which are Sports massage, Swedish massage, and Shiatsu massage. All of our facilities are cleaned after every use by our Asian massage professionals.

Our Top Massage Service

Sports Massage
Highly intense deep muscle massage for the more athletic among us! Be prepared for a strong workout that will make you feel great after!!

Swedish Massage
More relaxing gentler touch traditional massage, targeting tense muscles and rubbing them with special oils and products that will relax and pamper your tired aching body!

Shiatsu Massage
Our ancient secret healing arts incorporate “Accupressure” and pressure points that heal tired muscles and bones besides other magic healing properties for various parts of the body. We combine ancient and modern professional Asian massage techniques and you will be surprised at the result, of how healthy you will feel!

Massage Service

Deep Tissue
This massage releases chronic patterns of tension in the body through long slow strokes and deep finger pressure on tensed areas. This technique improves body alignment and freedom of movement. If you enjoy massage work with a fair amount of pressure but find deep tissue uncomfortable at times you may want to request firm Swedish massage for a portion of your session.

This ancient Chinese technique applies pressure to points mainly on the feet but also on the hands and ears which correspond to specific areas of the body.

An ancient Chinese finger point massage designed to release muscle tension and promote healing by applying pressure along vital energy points in order to improve energy flow.

Designed to balance the body’s subtle electromagnetic energy through touch and stretching.

Trigger Point
Applies concentrated finger pressure to tender areas in the muscle in order to break the cycle of spasm and pain.

Myofascial Release
A mild and gentle hands on form of stretching which relieves connective tissue restrictions all over the body promoting strength, flexibility, range of motion and proper alignment. It releases chronic problems and reduces pain.

This gentle massage centers on the head and corrects imbalances in the spine.

A balancing of the body energy field through laying hands on specific energy centers with the intent to relieve acute emotional and physical conditions.

This technique features gentle pumping and stroking techniques to drain away pockets of water retention and trapped toxins. It boosts the body ability to eliminate waste and tones the tissue by reducing swelling.

This technique incorporates the use of essential plant and vegetable oils into the massage session.

This highly nurturing and sensory massage incorporates long, slow and flowing strokes.

An ancient Thai bodywork system designed to unblock trapped energy and improve vitality by applying pressure along the body’s energy pathways. It uses slow rhythmic pressing with fingers, thumbs, hands, forearms, elbows and feet, and stretches with gentle rocking motions.

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